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 Solicitors (and Peddlers) need to have a permit to go door to door in Maple Heights. The solicitor should have the license with him or her at times and present it when asked. The license can be applied for from the Chief of Police for $10. Soliciting does not apply to religious or political groups or minors fundraising for a non profit. Hours for solicitation are between 9 AM and 7 PM. Solicitation is prohibited on State and National Holidays. 

October 7, 2013


  • Between 7 AM and 4 PM a 14200 Block Corridon Ave home was burglarized, the homeowners niece was home sleeping. A back bedroom window’s screen was cut and the room was ransacked. Nothing was reported stolen.
  • A 18500 Lewis Drive home was burglarized at 11:15 PM. The residents were home and held a gunpoint while the suspects stole a digital camera, kindle fire, $1, and a BudLite.

A Bedford Heights man followed his stolen vehicle from Warrensville Center onto the dead end of Clare Ave, where the occupants exited the vehicle and ran in opposite directions.

Two vehicles at a home on the 20600 block of Bowling Green were left unlocked overnight. One of the vehicles had a door open and the other’s hood was open. There were no signs of tampering or damage, nor was anything stolen. 

October 8, 2013


  • A 20900 block of Clare Avenue resident awoke shortly after 3 AM to see a black male standing in her hallway. She heard him run downstairs and he escaped through an open window. The police have no leads.
  • A home on the 19400 block of Longview was burglarized during the day

Cleveland Police recovered a gun that had been stolen from a Maple Heights Resident earlier this year.

A women called to report a “scam.” The scammers were a 5 and 6 year old trying to sell their artwork to raise money to turn the lights back on at school.

THEFT: A 19500 block of Nitra resident reported a theft of $500 cash from his residence. It was stolen by a day laborer he’d hired to do work at his home. He saw the man leaving the home, when he wasn’t supposed to be there and then discovered the cash missing. The

At 4:15PM in front of O’Reilly’s Auto Parts two men were fighting, one was naked. Police arrested both men for disorderly conduct and an outstanding warrant.

October 9, 2013

Cell One Communications on Northfield was burglarized. A juvenile was stopped walking away from the store and placed in the squad car, while the store was checked. He escaped from the police car and hand cuffs, but was apprehended later in North Randall.


  • Between Noon and 3 PM a home on the 5200 block of Homewood Ave was burglarized, $6000 worth of jewelry, electronics and cash were stolen.
  • Unknown persons have been gaining access to a vacant home on Waterbury and leaving piles of tobacco inside the house. The copper has been missing for several months.

October 10, 2013


  • Between 2 PM and 11:50 PM a first floor apartment on the 5200 block of Lee was burglarized and electronics and jewelry were stolen. Police are awaiting fingerprint results from the lab.

Someone called to report a broken window on a vacant Raymond home, nothing was amiss inside the home.

A caller reported a garbage truck dripping red paint, after emptying a dumpster at an apartment building. The building manager was advised to clean up the spilled paint, and did so by washing it down the storm drain. The service department, Fire Department and EPA were notified.

A vehicle parked overnight behind CD Game Exchange had tools stolen from an unlocked toolbox in the bed of the truck.

A resident on the 20600 block of Bowling Green reported a suspicious male who came to her home on October 8, 2013 and began asking questions about her homeowners insurance and who lives there.

A Friend Avenue resident reported 4 males cutting through her back yard. They then knocked on the door, rang the bell and one approached a window on the back patio and looked in. When he saw the resident he ran westbound through yards.

A 6 PM a  juvenile wrote in wet cement near the intersection  of Raymond and Erwin Street. The construction worker was able to re-finish the cement.

A vacant home on Stanley Avenue was discovered to be open when a caller reported juveniles hanging out on the front porch. The juveniles were gone when police arrived, but the back door was unsecured. The building department was notified.

October 11, 2013

A Steinway Boulevard resident called to report a male with a wrench trying to turn the water back on, after the water department had been out earlier in the day to shut off the water. The suspect was caught near Dunham and Rockside Roads.

A student called to report that he heard there was going to be a fight at Jackson and Grasmere. Police disperse the group of 20 students that had gathered.


  • A neighbor reported seeing two males enter the garage of an adjacent vacant property on Dunham Road. The suspects were caught and arrested. They had been using the garage as a “party place”

October 13, 2013

Between 3 AM and 10 AM a 1992 Buick was stolen from J’Roy’s Lounge. The owner’s wallet and keys had been stolen the night before, and the wallet was found in the trash.

Copper piping was stolen from a vacant home on Hillgrove. The furnace and water heater were also damaged. The waterline was broken and leaking. Cleveland water was called to shut off the water at the street. 

At 4:24PM a resident of the 16700 block of Gerard Avenue called to report someone shot his window with a BB Gun. The suspect was found hiding in the back yard of a vacant house. When the police apprehended the suspect he immediately denied having a BB Gun before they asked. No no gun was found, but Marijuana was discovered on the suspect.

A theft from an auto occurred on the 5700 block of Eastwood sometime between 2:15AM and 1pm. His drivers license, credit, debit, gym and rewards cards were missing.

October 14, 2013

A car drove into a home on Rockside Road directly across from where 141st Street intersects. The vehicle crossed Rockside, went between a tree and a telephone pole and went straight into the house, only stopping when it hit the chimney. The homeowners were upstairs sleeping. The driver of the vehicle was transported to Metro. The homeowners were rescued by the fire department because the stairs were blocked. Power was shut off to the home and the fire department removed the meter. After East Ohio gas was unable to locate the shut off in the house, the adjacent homes were evacuated until the gas was turned off at the street, which required an excavator. The water company was also notified as a waterline is broken and needed to be shut off. The building commissioner was called to make sure it was safe to remove the vehicle from the house before the vehicle was extracted by a tow truck. Rockside Road/East 141st Street was closed from 3 AM to about 7:30 AM. Police are awaiting lab results to confirm that the driver was under the influence of alcohol, but he smelled of alcohol. 


 Anyone having information related to any of these crimes should call the Maple Heights Police at 216-662-5884. 

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