A Dog for Your Heart

No, not a Coney dog, a Red Hot, or a Frankfurter, but an actual furry canine has been shown to have many heart healthy benefits. Owning a pet, particularly a furry one, and more specifically a dog, has been identified as doing some wonderful things for your cardiovascular system. The American Medical Association has indicated that owning a dog can lower your blood pressure, LDL (bad cholesterol), and your weight.
Pet owners, especially those with dogs, are usually more active than non-owners. One study indicated that dogs can help boost self-esteem and a sense of belonging. They can also help you be more resilient, as they can help you recover more quickly from illness, surgery and life’s disappointments.

Tip: If you are considering pet ownership, make sure you have the resources, time and love to give to your new family member.

Debbie Hoffman
Health Educator

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