First Day of Summer

Wow, what a wonderful start to the season! The sunshine was inviting us to get outside and start doing all those “summer” things.

My girls have waiting for more than a month to get out the Slip-n-Slide. Mom had told them they had to wait until Summer and they made it a point to let us know that “today was the day.” So I hooked up the old garden hose, staked down the slide and the fun began.

After I moved the slide around a few times (to water as much of the lawn as possible), I had a stroke of brilliance: let’s fill the sandbox with water and make mud pies. (Honestly though, I was prompted by this great article on Kaboom.) I mean, come on: who wouldn’t want to play in mud on the first day of summer! There are few things more satisfying.

Then we continued the water fun with a water gun battle. The temperature was hovering close to 90 degrees but we didn’t care. It was a perfect day to get good and wet.

Finally, we ended the day with another summertime classic: ice cream.

All-in-all, it was the best day so far this season. Of course, it’s the only day this season. Nevertheless, it was great!

So what kind of summer fun are you enjoying in Maple Heights or the surrounding area? Have a good suggestion? Have some pictures? Share them with us. Enjoy the summer!

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